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Oana Badarau, PELI Partners: From the appeal in the interest of the law to the demolition of the construction

On April 8, 2019, the High Court issued a judgment regarding the construction works carried out without or with the non-compliance of the stipulations of the building authorization. Thus, after this decision will be published in the Official Monitor, the owner of the land that builds without authorization will no longer be able to ask […]

Selling a property

The sale of any building (land, house, apartment, commercial space, etc.), in Romania, is done only through a notary.  The necessary documents for the finalization of a sales contract are the following: •  identity cards parties (seller and buyer), marriage certificates (if applicable), representation mandate (if applicable); •  documents of ownership of the building that […]

Customers of First House program, called by banks to renegotiate contracts

Romanians who purchased a residence through the First House program would be called by banks to renegotiate the contracts, after the new benchmark index for loans in lei was introduced, an index that replaces ROBOR, according to some sources quoted by “For the First House loans in progress, the banks will ask their clients […]

Good news for Romanians who want to purchase a residence: The rules on the real estate market are changing radically

This week, it was published in the Official Monitor Law no. 97/2019 for amending and completing Law no. 10/1995 regarding the quality in constructions which radically changes the rules on the real estate market regarding the construction and delivery of residences, according to the legislative project. In November last year, a legislative proposal was submitted […]

OLX STUDY – From intention to acquisition: how much does the process of searching for a residence take.

For many Romanians, the experience is not in agreement with the initial expectations. In Romania, from the intention and until the decision to purchase a home pass on average about 100 days, in the context in which the potential buyers tend to spend this time to identify the suitable property for themselves. A study on […]

STUDY The sales period and negotiation margin for apartments

The sales period is, like the negotiation margin, an indicator which shows the dynamics of the demand-supply report on the apartments market (and not only). According to the most recent market report accomplished by și Analize Imobiliare, in October-December 2018 interval, the necessary time to sell an apartment in Bucharest has raised, reaching an average of 90 […]

5% VAT for all new residences under 450.000 lei – details and conditions

Until now, the law allowed a 5% VAT only for the first acquisition of this kind, and after that, the VAT goes up to its normal value of 19% for all the other acquisitions. Starting with 2019, at the same time with the modification of the Fiscal Code, the VAT will be 5% for any […]

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We are going forward!

Over 25 years of experience, De Silva Residences expands Ramada North hotel with the most beautiful residential project, First Herastrau! If you have started the year with big plans, now you have the opportunity to choose the best option at launch prices!

We are looking for a skilled real estate consultant 😊

A team with over 15 years of experience, but young, dynamic, enthusiastic and finding the solution no matter the situation, is waiting for you to join. We grow our team, we have a lot of work and we need hardworking, dynamic, honest people who understand the perspective of teamwork. 

Some of us still think about the holidays, others about investments, while others have just found the time to look for their dream house!

We are waiting for you with the best offers, both in Bucharest and Mamaia Nord. Just think about what an opportunity would be to have your own apartment at the seaside for your free time, and in the rest of the time to have it rented and have a profit! We are waiting for you […]


A determined team at a fair with determined clients!

DeSilva Residence, a developer with more than 25 years experience in real-estate… the signings of the precontracts after the fair has begun. 

We are looking forward to seeing you at De Silva Residences showroom in Mamaia Boulevard, nr. 564 (Mamaia Nord) on 26, 27, 30 and 1st of May to see the apartments!

Casa del Mar, Mamaia Nord, by De Silva, seaside view apartments, placed on the beach, in the most airy residential compound in Mamaia Nord and with the best price/sqm. We are waiting for you with prices starting from 48.600 euro+VAT! 

De Silva build for you in the Autumn!

We are happy to announce you that De Silva has already completed 7 floors in Casa del Mar project and 4 floors in First. De Silva build constantly and rapidly for you to enjoy the sunny summer days as soon as possible, and maybe the winter days as well, why not?! Meanwhile, we are waiting […]

A real-estate fair with beautiful, positive and determined to buy clients!

The holiday apartments on the seaside are like a holiday inside your home, but also a profitable affair! More and more Romanians desire an apartment at the seaside, and Mamaia Nord is, by far, the most appreciated place from the Black Sea seaside Many Romanians choose a holiday apartment that can be used for their […]

Back in town!

We believe that everyone must be thinking the same thing during this time of the year. Back in town, surrounded by concrete buildings! We came back from vacation, back to work, back to schools, back to the autumnal city traffic. Still, you are left with the amazing memories from this summer, from your visit to […]

Mamaia North, a dream come true!

First Residence and Casa del Mar by De Silva, two successful projects in Mamaia North, next to the coolest and most coolest clubs! Alder Concept has been granted exclusivity on selling the two projects of the developer De Silva! On the seafront, a new reference point for sophistication arises – a modern, elegant resort, with exclusive […]

An extremely difficult year, but extremely beautiful as well!

Regardless of the 15 years of experience, we had one of the most difficult years…clients that have signed and assumed responsibility, but didn`t pay, useless work with others that in the end didn`t buy/completed, failed transactions in the last minutes due to vanity etc… And yet, we completed a wonderful year, with a team that […]

Let’s meet each other!

Everyone talks about the real estate market…that it is “moving”, that the prices have risen…is there a real estate crisis, or the prices have risen with whatever percentage! Buildings are being constructed everywhere…you don`t even know what to think anymore… but no one talks about how would it be to have a consultant with whom […]