Privacy Policy

Confidentiality and data protection policy


Your data confidentiality and your confidence are important to us; we respect the privacy and the right to the protection of the personal information of our clients, prospective clients, employees and partners, in accordance with the legislation enforceable in the field.


We take this matter seriously and hence we wish to provide you with information regarding the use of your personal data, in order to ensure the transparency with regard to the way we handle data and your right to decide how we use the information you provide to us. Furthermore, we commit to using all data and documents obtained from you for the exclusive purpose for which they have been given, in accordance with the information provided in this policy.


In accordance with the principles of the EU Regulations nr 679/2016 enforceable as of 25th of May 2018, Alder Concept commits to using the collected personal information legally, fairly and transparently in relation to the person in question.


What kind of personal information do we handle?

The personal information that we handle is mainly related to: your identification, transaction, demographics, location, and personal information that we obtain directly from you when you become our client and you start using our services.


How do we process personal information?

We process personal information only for legal purposes, such as providing you with information throughout our entire collaboration in order to sign a real estate agreement, with the purpose of identifying you through ways of communication, to inform you about new offers in the real estate market, and to prevent suspicious agreements or money loundering. Personal data processing is always grounded on the agreement of a mediation contract signed with us, on the need to obey a legal obligation, on the need to be informed regarding our services or new information in the real estate market, where appropriate, with your consent.


How can you manage the expressed agreements?

In order for us to be able to offer you new information concerning the real estate market, as customised as possible with regard to your interest, we can process personal data which allow us to identify your preferences, even through automatic processes, which do not involve human intervention. For direct marketing communications your opinion will always be taken into account.

You must know you can modify the existing agreement and also withdraw from it at any moment via a request addressed to Alder Concept by email at or by mail to 15 Sos Bucuresti Ploiesti, 3rd floor, district 1, Bucharest. The withdrawal from the agreement does not affect the legality of the data processed before the withdrawal.


Do we transfer personal data to other recipients?

In order for us to comply with the legal obligations incumbent upon us or for other legal purposes it is possible for us to transfer your personal data to public authorities, judicial bodies, consultants we collaborate with, attornies to whom we have outsourced the delivery of some services; in all these cases, we will always make sure we protect your data.


How long do we process your information?

Your personal information is processed throughout the course of our relation and, once this ends, at least during the period of time required by the legal principles in the field.


Your rights and how they can be exercised.

-You can request information regarding your data processing activities;

-You can amend your data;

-You have the right to delete your data –the deletion of your personal data can be done when their processing was not legal or in any other cases under the law;

-You can withdraw the consent granted by you to process your data.

You can exercise your right via a request addressed to our headquarters on 15 Sos Bucuresti Ploiesti, 3rd floor, district 1, Bucharest or by email at


Keeping safe your personal data

Our collaborator, who provides the electronic platform for data storage, ensures that there are safety solutions and state-of-the-art infrastructure so that your data will be safe.


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