Let’s meet each other!

Let’s meet each other!

Everyone talks about the real estate market…that it is “moving”, that the prices have risen…is there a real estate crisis, or the prices have risen with whatever percentage!

Buildings are being constructed everywhere…you don`t even know what to think anymore… but no one talks about how would it be to have a consultant with whom to talk.

How would it be to ask him questions about anything that goes through your mind regarding real estate, your request, your offer…all the transactions that go through your mind and you are not sure if they can be fulfilled…that you want a penthouse in Herastrau area for 100.000 euro?

How would it be to have correct, honest responses, reported to you and to what you want, to what it fits you, if it is worth to sell or to buy?

How do you think to drink a coffee at their stylish and luminous desk where you feel like home or at your house, comfortable, without pressure, without looking at the clock, although they are busy, because they have reserved for you exactly the time you need because they know you need a lot of information, you have many questions and they are fed up with everyone running everywhere, complaining about the time?

How would it be to have a honest and correct answer and a beautiful, long lasting relationship with a consultant you can call today, tomorrow or several years later because he does this with love, passion and because this is what he wants, not a desperate transaction so that tomorrow he will run elsewhere depending on how the wind blows?

An educated, informed consultant and who has the courage to tell you not to sell or not to buy because it doesn`t suits you!

A person you can depend on and with whom you can freely talk, someone fair and that will help you beyond his commission, because he wants a relationship based on success on both sides!

Everyone in our team offers all of this because…that`s what we do, that`s our job!